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"The Empire Strikes Out"
The Empire Strikes Out.jpg
Parodies The Empire Strikes Back
First appearance Cracked No. 173
Artist(s) John Severin

"The Empire Strikes Out" is the official Cracked parody of The Empire Strikes Back.


While on outlook duty on the ice planet Colth, Fluke is attacked by a snow creature and taken to its cave. When he doesn't return to the rebel base, his friend Hands Solow decides to go out and find him. Meanwhile, Luke is visted by the ghost of "Bend" Ob1 Finoakie who instructs the young man to go to the planet Doggybag and find the Jeteye named Yodel. An Imperial Probe Droid discovers the base and the Empire attacks, led by the evil Dark Badar. The heroes escape. Fluke and R2D2 fly to Doggybag and meet Yodel. Hands, Princess Leotard, Chewie and CPO board Hands' ship and evade the Imperials first in an asteroid field and then travel to the city of Cloudiness, which is run by Hands' old friend Landau Corinthian. But Landau sells them out to Badar, who uses them to trick Fluke into coming to Cloudiness. Badar freezes Hands, adding in "peas, carrots, and an Apple Brown Betty," to package him like a frozen dinner. Badar gives Hands to a bounty hunter (after paying him in rolled paper towels), and fights Fluke. Badar reveals that he is Fluke's father, cuts off Fluke's hand and sends him plummeting into a chasm, where he is rescued by the fleeing Leotard, Landau, CPO and R2. Back at the rebel fleet, Fluke's hand is repaired, the heroes discuss the plot elements left unresolved and the audience bemoans having to wait three years to see the conclusion.

Cast of Characters

Fluke (Mark Hamill), Chewie (Peter Mayhew), Hands Solow (Harrison Ford), Princess Leotard (Carrie Fisher), R2D2, CPO, "Bend" Ob1 Finoakie (Alec Guiness), AMA 57935 / AMA 51935, Yodel, Landau Corinthian (Billy Dee Williams), Imperial Stormtroopers, Boba Fett


Henny Youngman, "In Search Of...", Fozzie Bear, Robert Redford

Publication history


  • Mirroring the earlier film, Mad saw its parody (also called "The Empire Strikes Out") published in January 1981.
  • However, Marvel Comics' Crazy published their own "The Empire Strikes Out" two months before Cracked in September of 1980.
  • Unlike the parody of the first film, all of the ships are screen accurate.