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Template:Intricate template This infobox may be used to summarize information about a publication.


The infobox may be added by pasting the template as shown below into an article, typically at the top of an article above the lead section. The title of the article (i.e. the name of the publication) will appeare at the top of the infobox. All other parameters are optional; any unused parameters should be left blank or omitted.

Full version

{{Infobox publication
| image      = Cracked No 1.jpg
| writers    = [[Alan Sulman]], [[James Purdy]], [[Leon Lazarus]], [[Lincoln Adair]]
| artists    = [[John Severin]], [[Russ Heath]], [[Bill Everett]], [[Carl Burgos]], [[Al Williamson]], [[Don Orehek]]
| date       = March, 1958
| pages      = 44
| publisher  = [[Robert C. Sproul]]
| puncompany = [[Major Magazines]]
| editor     = [[Sol Brodsky]]
| additional = Era Frei
| coverartist = John Severin
| isbn       = 100-000-0000-0000
| previous   = none
| next       = ''[[Cracked No. 2]]''
| cover2     = Cracked No 173.jpg
| caption2   = Alternate cover


Infobox publication
Cracked No 1.jpg
Publication date March, 1958
Pages 44
Publisher Robert C. Sproul
Major Magazines
Editor Sol Brodsky
Cover Artist John Severin
Additional Era Frei
ISBN 100-000-0000-0000
Preceded by
Followed by
Cracked No. 2
Cracked No 173.jpg
Alternate cover
Parameter Explanation
image Insert image name. Use only the file name such as abc.jpg, xyz.png, 123.gif, etc. Do not use syntax such as [[Image:abc.jpg]] or [[Image:abc.jpg|200px]]
writers Known writers who worked on the publication
artists Known artists who worked on the publication
date Publication date as shown on cover or indicia
pages Number of pages, including all covers.
publisher Person credited as publisher
editor Credited editor
coverartist Cover artist (such as "John Severin")
other Any additional noteworthy contributors (such as "contributing editor")
isbn ISBN if available
previous & next Publications preceding and following article in question. If none, mark "none". This is volume specific. The last issue of an initial volume is not followed by the first issue of volume two.
cover2 If an alternate or extended cover is present, follow the same guidelines as given above
caption2 Explain second image. Usually "Alternate cover" or "Extended cover"