Parodies Star Wars
First appearance Cracked No. 146
Artist(s) O.O. Severin

"Star-Warz" is the official Cracked parody of the original Star Wars movie.


Droids RD2 and CPO find themselves in the middle of a battle when the Imperial forces, led by the villain Dark Badar, overrun the ship of Princess Leotard. Making their escape, the droids find themselves on the planet Tatooine, where they are captured by Jabwas. While Imperial Stormtroopers search for the droids, they are sold to a farmer, Olin, and his nephew Luck Skystalker. Luck find a message stored inside RD2 from Princess Leotard to OB1 "Bend" Finoakie and they go off in search for him. They are attacked by dirt people, but rescued by Bend in a Helen Reddy mask. The message tells Bend he must bring the droids to the planet Balderon. Bend convinces Luck to come with him and they go in search of a pilot, settling on Hand Solow and his co-pilot, Chewie. Meanwhile, Dark Badar and Grand Muff Tarplin destroy Balderon and capture Hand's ship. Successfully avoiding capture, Bend goes to free the ship while Luck, Hand and Chewie rescue the Princess. They all wind up in a garbage compactor, but are rescued by RD2 and CPO. Leaving Bend behind, the others flee to the rebel base. The rebels attack the space station and Luck, with the help of Hand, destroys the station and it's medals all around.

Cast of Characters

CPO, RD2, Princess Leotard (Carrie Fisher), Dark Badar, Luck Skystalker (Mark Hamill), OB1 "Bend" Finoakie (Alec Guiness), Hand Solow (Harrison Ford), Chewie (Peter Mayhew), Grand Muff Tarplin (Peter Cushing)


The Wizard of Oz, IBM, Macbeth, I Love Lucy, Helen Reddy, IRS,

Publication history


  • Cracked No. 146 carried a cover date of November, 1977, meaning that Cracked beat Mad Magazine to the punch with a Star Wars parody. Mad's parody would not appear until that publication's January, 1978 issue.
  • Perhaps due to a lack of reference material, John Severin's designs on the ships, equipment (and even the characters at times) are more "off model" than usual.