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Cracked No. 1
Cracked No 1.jpg
Publication date March, 1958
Pages 44
Publisher Robert C. Sproul
Major Magazines
Editor Sol Brodsky
Cover Artist Bill Everett
Preceded by
Followed by
Cracked No. 2

What's Up Front Our Cover: Montage by Bill Everett, designed by John Severin

Alan Sulman, James Purdy, Leon Lazarus, Lincoln Adair, writers

John Severin, Paul Reinman, Ed Winniarski, Russ Heath, Joe Maneely, Bill Everett, Carl Burgos, Al Williamson, J. Kiernan, Don Orehek, artists



Cover of reprint

  • First appearance of Sylvester P. Smythe, Der Editor & Veronica.
  • Reprinted in 1987 as Cracked Collector's Edition No. 70 and again as a standalone free giveaway in 1994 with Cracked Collector's Edition No. 97
  • The 1994 reprint replaces the "25¢" on the cover with "#1". All authentic copies have "25¢".