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This Wiki is intended as a repository for information about CRACKED Mazagine, it's characters and subjects.

Welcome to intrepid readers and editors[]

Congratulations on locating this Wiki. I have done nothing (NOTHING, do you hear?) to promote it, so consider yourself fortunate.

Anyway, I am attempting to create a repository for all things related to CRACKED magazine. (Yes, we'll cover the three issues of "Volume 2".) This is not meant to have any connection to, with the exception of an article on the magazine's more raucous descendant.

Be aware that this wiki was created before the "new" Wikia was imposed and it will look better (though not as intended) if you set your Wikia preferences to "Monobook".

Feel free to add articles as you will, but try and follow the format that has been established. Here are some article types and an example of each that can serve as a guide for future articles.

Not sure about the "official" title for a particular issue? Check out the Cover Gallery. Every published issue has a spot there, even if there isn't an image yet. Just follow the link to the correct title.

With your help, this could be a wonderful resource for the world's #1 Mazagine. (It's already more impressive than the lousy MAD magazine wiki).


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